DroneDB - Effortless Aerial Data Management and Sharing


DroneDB provides a standard command line application (ddb) for managing aerial data. With it you can extract and manipulate information from various types of aerial data (currently aerial images, orthophotos and DSM/DTM, but other data types coming soon).

DroneDB can create an index for your data and sync it to a network server (work in progress) for highly scalable and flexible data management and sharing across an organization, the internet or for your own personal data-organizing enjoyment.

It’s also available as a library (libddb for developers), for which Node.JS bindings exist (.NET and Python bindings coming soon).

We’re also working toward an awesome cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI). Sign up for updates.

DroneDB is in early development stages and is targeted at GIS geeks and early adopters. Try it out!

We welcome contributions! To contribute to the project, please see the contributing guidelines.