DroneDB exposes several commands via the ddb command line application.

add - Add files and directories to an index.
build - Build DroneDB files for efficient streaming over a network.
chattr - Manage database attributes
clone - Clone a repository into a new directory
delta - Generate delta between two ddb databases
ept - Build an EPT index from point cloud files.
geoproj - Project images to georeferenced rasters
info - Retrieve information about files and directories
init - Initialize an index. If a directory is not specified, initializes the index in the current directory
list - List indexed files and directories
login - Authenticate with a registry.
logout - Logout from all registries. To logout from a single registry, use the --server option.
meta - Manage database metadata
password - Manage database passwords
pull - Pulls changes from a remote repository.
push - Pushes changes to a remote repository.
remove - Remove files and directories from an index. The filesystem is left unchanged (actual files and directories will not be removed)
setexif - Modify EXIF values in files.
share - Share files and folders to a registry
status - Show files and directories index status compared to the filesystem
sync - Sync files and directories in the index with changes from the filesystem
system - Manage ddb
tag - Gets or sets the dataset tag.
thumbs - Generate thumbnails for images and rasters
tile - Generate tiles for GeoTIFFs, GeoImages and EPT