What’s the vision?

Acquisition of UAV data has increased dramatically in recent years. The storage systems we use to handle this data are either too generic (don’t take advantage of the metadata available), too complicated or are tied to black-box proprietary solutions that can’t be easily setup or extended.

DroneDB can index your aerial data and automatically plot things like image footprint, flight path and image GPS location. It generates tiles for the data when needed, so that you can display large orthophotos or point clouds directly from your phone. It handles common data products that are the result of UAV missions, like images, orthophotos, point clouds, elevation models, plant health maps, ground control point files, flight logs and other files that are common in aerial survey workflows. You can add supporting documentation files describing datasets and licenses using markdown syntax.

All of this aerial data can be synced to a repository, augmented and managed in a distributed, scalable manner. DroneDB makes aerial data discoverable and queryable. You also don’t have to sync it. You can work entirely offline too!

This vision requires a lot of work, so not all of the features listed here are available today. But there’s already a lot you can do with DroneDB. See the list of commands or the tutorials for details.